Every other Monday, I like to share an article by another blogger. This article is usually something I enjoyed myself and think my readers will enjoy too.

My baby us due any day now and I’m worried she’ll keep me busy that blogging…

Will stop!

Please help me. If you blog on any of the following topics, please comment and let me know as I want help finding articles to feature:

  • Beauty (ideally, organic or cruelty free)
  • Writing (ideally, tips or advice on fiction)
  • Reading (ideally YA or Children’s fiction)
  • Parenting (any useful advice or tips)
  • Blogging (share lessons learned)

In return, my followers will see your article and link to your blog. I will also tweet it too.

I hope you can help…

18 thoughts on “I need your help!

    1. Thanks Christopher. I do 😊. The Little Miss is officially late today but hopefully soon. Your blog sounds exactly what I’m looking for and perhaps I should get busy using their extra time to schedule some posts xxx


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