Did you see my post about my Mother’s Day Skin Organics Skincare Box? Well that was not all I got. I was very spoilt and had two extra treats alongside my Skin Organic Box.

Niskama Skincare – Dry Skin Relief Body Balm

I accidentally used this before taking a pic – whoops! But, I don’t think you can tell.

The balm is hard and you warm it up in your hand to get an oil. It has a lovely clean smell that’s not too strong. And, guess what, it only costs £6.50!

AA Skincare – Face Toner

This is the big 150ml bottles and costs £7.98. You can buy the smaller 50ml bottle for just £3.95 to try it out or for travelling.

I started using this right away as I needed a toner and love the scent of Rose. Needless to say, I love it. And can’t believe the affordable price – woohoo!

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