About Me

I’m Alison Aldridge

Ally the writer

Mostly, I write YA Fiction, especially Paranormal Romance, Contemporary Fantasy or Urban Fantasy. I love a good romance, set in the real world with a little something extra. I’ve also written a picture book and love children’s fiction.

My short romance story was publishing in the Scriblers Anthology and I have written blog articles for third parties on gaming, fashion, conservation and writing. I dabbled in poetry and was one of the first featured poets on Opuss. If you’ve found my blog you also know I like blogging about my writing journey and sharing tips I’ve picked up on the way.

Alison is currently reworking her debut novel Jewel of the Sea, a Young Adult paranormal romance about a mermaid and first love. She has many other fiction novels and poetry collections in progress.  You can find samples of Alison’s current projects on Wattpad.


What I want


My┬ádream is to have many novels published and become a best seller. That’s why I crave feedback (good/bad). I know I need to constantly look for ways to develop and improve my talent but I also love seeing others achieve their dreams too. This is why I created my blog, to actively support other writers in their development by sharing what I learn along the way.


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Labyrinth photo shoot

The images on this page are copyright protected.  They were taken by one of the most talented photographers I ever had the honour of working with as a model.  We had a true connection that made working with her never feel like work.  If you wish to connect with her, please contact her on Facebook as Natalie Collins (Neo).