NaNo Progress Diary (week two)

Thursday, 8th November 2018 8:30 pm This morning, I went to the sling library, then did the school run, I managed to bath both kids, get them to bed and now I am downstairs ready to write. 10:12 pm I managed to beat my daily word count and add another 1,116 words to my manuscript.  … Continue reading NaNo Progress Diary (week two)

Reflecting on Goals set in January

To start the year, I set myself some goals for the year ahead.  I plan to check how I'm getting on with that periodically during the year to check I'm on track.  If you set yourself goals it is important to check on yourself to make sure you are on target and to re-focus yourself.  

On Reflection
Summary:  Considering these were annual targets I think I've kicked off the year with a really good start at achieving them.  I'm not sure listing my goals as bullet points was the best idea, so to re-focus I shall put my goals into a table.