Ocean Heart review on BookBub (also on Goodreads as Cranky – The Book Curmudgeon)


This is a cute YA story of love in high school. It takes place in England where Mariah and Jace are neighbors. They have been together since they can remember. Mariah and Jace have always had classes together, which they’re hoping for this year. Schools in England are different than in the US so I’m not sure how old they are, except I thought I saw it mentioned that Mariah was 15 years old. Well, they get put in different levels and different classes which devastates Mariah. Mariah wastes her time pining over Jace and makes friends with no one. Jace is easy going so he enjoys himself making new friends and even joining the football team. In fact, he evens finds a girlfriend. Clueless to Mariah’s feelings for him, he sets her up with his girlfriend’s older brother. Then, Mariah joins the swim team where she meets Ana who becomes her best friend. 

Typical high school angst and bullying make their way into this book. Easy and fun to read with some twists and turns I didn’t see coming. All in all, its a great story for young people and all older readers.