Ocean Heart review on Amazon


Ocean Heart is the first YA book I’ve read in a while, and boy it didn’t disappoint! I’ll admit, I’m a sucker for vamps and werewolves, but Ally’s twist on Mermaids brought an entirely fresh perspective to the genre. It was nice to read something not only different, but well written and an engaging read.

Mariah is 15 and she reads like it, she’s confused, naive, and has a sweet honesty about her that most of us lose in our teens. It can be really hard to portray young teens without making them irritating, however Ally managed to make me not only connect with Mariah, but feel for her. I think it brought back a nostalgic feeling of stuff we all go through in our early teens in a lovely kind of way.

Teenagers always have plenty of drama, and Mariah’s life is no exception. I loved the little love triangle, and I found myself torn at different points in the story about who I wanted her to choose. But it’s not that simple, there’s magic involved and it’s crazy magic she doesn’t understand or know how to control. I enjoyed the ‘charged’ connection going on, it kept me wanting to read more, and the magic spices things up in all the right ways!

The world building was subtle, as Mariah found out more so did we. I’m excited to see more of the intricate world Ally has built in the books that follow, I can tell there’s a lot more depth to be explored (excuse the pun!) and I like seeing Mariah grow into her powers and confidence.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed reading Ocean Heart. It was a fun read that put me in a good mood, with a fresh twist on mermaids and an interesting plot, along with the perfect dash of romance. It made my heart happy and I can’t wait for the next book in this series!